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Directed by -  Makanmi Ramror & Seema Ks Awungshi
Duration - 120 minutes
Language -  Tangkhul

Producer - Meiphung Productions

Screenplay - Makanmi Ramror

Cinematography - Pamshim Rungsung

Editing - Pamshim Rungsung

Cast - Reingaphan Awungshi, Philayung Jajo,

Wunglengsing Longleng, Ilishan Jajo



Set at the backdrop of two villages, Zingthanwo(Morning Star), a Tangkhul Feature Film, is a love story based on Pre-Christian era customs of Tangkhul tribe. The Chief's son falls in love with the Princess from a neighbouring village; however, their love story is entangled in an inevitable clash that tests the faith of their love and their commitment towards clans and community.Do they have a choice? What would they do to stand the test of time? No one was able to predict what's in store for them.

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Screenshot 2024-02-29 114322.png
Screenshot 2024-02-29 114305.png



Makanmi Ramror

Makanmi Ramror graduated from Delhi University. He has completed Diploma in Film Editing & VFX from IDirect Education, Mumbai. He has written and directed six Tangkhul feature films. His film NGAVEI & CHARAWUI RAI received best feature film in other dialect category award in MANIFA 2020 & 2023 respectively. He has also written one Manipuri feature film too. Besides this, he is a poet and lyricist too.


Seema Ks Awungshi

Seema Ks Awungshi grauduated from Miranda House, Delhi, and further pursued her post-graduation at University of Delhi. She has also successfully completed Film Appreciation Course conducted by Film & Television Institute of India Pune at Manipur University.

Seema has garnered experiences having worked at Bank of America and American Express Bank in Gurgaon. Currently, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Meiphung Productions. Additionally, Seema is the accomplished host of the talk show "Shārum," which has completed three successful seasons and is regularly streamed on the Meiphung Productions YouTube channel.

In the realm of filmmaking, Seema has contributed as an Assistant Director for the Tangkhul feature film "Khanaowa Shongza." Furthermore, she has assumed the role of Director for notable films such as "I Hanunghaoga," which received the Manipur State Film Award for Other than Meiteilon dialect and Best Art Director. Her film "Zingthanwo" (Co-Director) won Best Film Award at Tangkhul Naga Film Festival 2023.

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