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Its a story of best friend a warior and aslo betrayal among the friends. A darkside of friendship filled with blood and tears. The curse of the depressed soul waiting for her love to seek revenges for the unjustice done to her.

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Directors -  Boris Golmei & Pilot Kamei
Duration - 109 minutes
Language -  Rongmei

Producer - Taraeng Production & Makaamei Entertainment

Screenplay - Boris Golmei

Cinematography - Gaichui Riamei

Editing - Gaichui Riamei

Sound - Kaopu Thaimei
Cast - Disinlung Kamei, Kahimdai Riamei, Ringlanliu Kamei, Guirila Thangal,

Arjun Riangmei, Athoi Kamei, Pougong Dangmei, Pilot Kamei



Siang is story of a best friend and a warrior. Five closest friend went to fight and defend the land from outside invader. After they have been victory, while they were on their way home in the jungle the untold story of the past haunts them in a supernatural way. And the past was among the five of them also including hero one were the betrayer, the villian who misbehaved, mistreated, rape and murder his fellow fiancée. The jungle was curse by the heroine who was brutally rape and suicide at the end. So while the warrior were on the way back home they were haunted by the heroine's spirit, three of them were swallowed by the curse and they were not normal again which resulted them to end their life fighting among themself. Leaving the hero and villian behind the miserable heroine ghost openly appear before the villian and openly warning him that her love will revenge for what he had done. And also the main hero could know what his best friend done to his beloved fiancée. At the end both had a great fight and could get revenge for his love.



Siang (the curse) is Directed by two directors Me and pilot kamei. Its my first film and first ever screenplay and it is second film for pilot kamei. This movie is all about betrayal within friends and So paying the price of dead by innocent friends just because of one unfaithful friend. At the end the true colour of the unfaithful friend were expose And so the revenge of his beloved was made.
The unique thing about this film is it takes only 15 days to complete.



Boris director profile pic.JPG

Boris Golmei

Pilot director profile pic .jpg

Pilot Kamei

Pilot Kamei is the Proprietor of Makaamei Entertainment and Boris Golmei is the Proprietor of Taraeng Productions. They both are filmmakers and also made several music videos and a movie in Rongmei dialect. The have achieved awards in 2022 Tribal Film Festival held in Manipur. The awards follows-
Best Costume,

Best  Actor in Negative Role

Special Jury Mention Award.

They both are young dynamic and talented. They also have won Best Costume in MSDFDS's Film Festival in Imphal. Their Goal is to take up Rongmei movies to another level. Which is hard but possible. And also give many talents a hope to do somthing through Cinema.

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