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Director -  A C Rinshing
Duration - 80 minutes
Language -  Tangkhul

Producer - AC Phaningmi, AC Rinshing, Kahorrei AC

Screenplay - A C Rinshing

Cinematography - Sorenzan Vashum

Editing - Sorenzan Vashum 

Sound - Sorenzan Vashum ,Wungnaosing Ahum
Cast - Chihanshing Zimik , Kahorrei AC , Wonjui Ngahorphy Ahum, Shaireiwon Ngakang, Ayetung Ahum , AC Rinshing



Inspired by true events, Samkhok(Morung Bed) celebrates the richness of the culture and tradition of the Tangkhul Naga before the onset of christianity. Aesthetically set in the backdrop of Ringui Village, Samkhok is woven around the family of clan chief preparing the Feast of Merit (maran kasa) , and the quest of the chief to avenge his son's death. Through them, the movie intricately explores the bonding of a family, the complicacy of land ownership, the custom and rituals of the community and the distinct bond with nature. With every minute detail well documented, Samkhok is an Aide-memoire of  unique indigenous way of life with a touch of the fragile human emotions of love and loss. 



Through Samkhok, l want our generation to celebrate the uniqueness of our culture and identity. I want them to take pride in it, and be part of the tribe that conserves our roots. At this time and age when we have neglected our culture and tradition, having taken it for granted, I hope Samkhok will revive that richness of it once more. The most challenging aspect for me was the direction itself (of course) since it was my first time. Aside that, arranging the costume was a big challenge. Having being new to this, dealing with actors from all walks of life and all ages was also a challenging one. But I am proud of the fact that I was finally able to finish the traditional house (Lengcheng) in the movie as I had been investing in it for years. I am proud of the Samkhok ( Morung bed) that will be brought home as it measures 15 ft.wide and 32 ft.long. Sometimes, we need a little nudge to embrace our roots.And Samkhok could be that nudge for you.


A C Rinshing

At just 26 years, AC Rinshing  is a young movie enthusiast and self-taught movie director from Ringui, Ukhrul Manipur. His first movie, Samkhok, is a cultural movie that has garnered great applaude from viewers. He has also directed documentaries that promotes the indigenous way of life, particularly of the Tangkhul Naga Tribe. He is currently working on Samkhok Part II

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