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Amid limitless creativity, women struggle with body ownership, enduring perpetual harassment and exploitation. A poignant investigation explores the injustices they endure.

Director -  Arup Manna
Duration - 77 minutes
Language -  Assamese

Producer - Nabomika Borthakur

Screenplay - Arup Manna

Cinematography - Arup Manna

Editing - Kuldip Baruah

Sound - Bijay Nath

Cast - Sikha Hazarika, Ashok Singh, Sapunti Bordoloi.



An incident happened at a interior rural area of Assam long twenty years back, and based on that tragic fact, the story of this film has been developed.

Taru, a childless widow lives lonely at a house amidst a agricultural field. Her husband died falling from a coconut tree while tried to bring down fruits (coconuts). The landlord of the village allowed that couple to stay there for taking care of the paddy field.   after the dead of her husband, Tarn has been staying at that house very lonely, but while darkness falls at night she fears to stay as some persons of the village try to fulfill their lust and the landlord is also not exception of it. So she is always careful specially at night.

Bali is a middle-aged man of that village. He collects tax from the salesmen of the market. He is a angry person and so almost everyone of the village fears him. Bali knows the lustful looks of some people upon Tarn. One day Bali forcefully enters Taru’s hut and directly goes to the bed without a bit disturbing her, and morning goes out silently. Such a way, Bali always comes to Tarn’s hut at night and goes out in the morning without disturbing her.


Thogi is a Thalawala (Carriers thala) of the village. Besides, he cremates dead body in funeral of any person of the village. Thogi also sees Tarn lustfully. One day he secretly watched Tarn’s changing of dress on the bank of the river and since that day he has been eagering to get the touch of Tarus body and alwayas dreams of it.

Suddenly Bali dies at Tarn’s hut. In fact Bali was a heavy drunkard and that is the cause of his death.

The villagers suspects Taru behind the death of Bali. Someone informed Police but they have not come till a long time.

After a long waiting, Tarn decides to cremates Bali’s dead body. Without finding out any other way, She requests. Thogi to cremate Bali’s dead body. Thogi takes the chance and deals with Taru by saying that in exchange of his help Tarn must surrender her body to him. Taru agrees.

Whether Taru has surrendered her to Thogi or …..           

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Samarpan Still 3
Samarpan Still 2
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Arup Manna

Arup Manna, a distinguished figure in the Assamese film industry, boasts an illustrious career spanning three decades, marked by notable achievements and accolades. 


  • Diploma in Direction, Cinematography, and Script Writing - St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

  • Diploma of Fine Arts - Kollol School of Arts, Nagaon.

Professional Journey:

  • Currently serving as a Visiting Lecturer at Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Film & TV Institute, Assam.



  1. Aideu...Behind the Screen (National Award Winner):

    • Received the prestigious National Award for Best Film.

    • State Film Award recipient.

    • Screened at international film festivals including Munich, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Canada, London, and Dhaka.

  2. Adhyay:

    • Screened at international film festivals in Shanghai, Trichur, and Dhaka.

  3. Aarohi:

    • Screened at international film festivals in Melbourne, Turkey, Busan, and Dhaka.

  4. Ananya:

    • Screened at Dhaka, 3rd Eye Asian Film Festival, Aurangabad, and Bangalore International Film Festival.

  5. Aamrityu (Winner of Golden Camera Award at Guwahati International Film Festival):

    • Awarded Best Film at Guwahati International Film Festival.

    • Second Best Film at Bangalore International Film Festival.

    • Screened at Kerala International Film Festival, Habitat Film Festival, and Kolkata International Film Festival.

  6. Sifung:

    • Received Best Child Actor and Best Editing awards at Aurangabad International Film Festival and Niri 9 Int Film Festival.

    • Screened at Bangalore International Film Festival.

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