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Each night, a village is gripped by the fear of child-kidnappers, as the church prophesized that an apocalyptic darkness will come lasting for 80 days. For a 10-year-old boy who suffers from night blindness, the village has never been more fearful.

Director -  Dominic Sangma

Duration - 127.3 minutes

Language -  Garo (Meghalaya)

Producer - Xu Jianshang, Gunme R Marak

Screenplay - Dominic M Sangma

Cinematography - Tojo Xavier

Editing - Mohan Kumar Valasala

Sound - Vineet Vashistha

Cast - Torikhu A Sangma, Handam R Marak,

Celestine K Sangma, Balsrame A Sangma,

Johan Ch Sangma, Riksil K Marak, Nadira N Sangma



Every couple year a rare kind of cicadas emerges from the earth at night. As these cicadas are considered an exotic delicacy, the villagers throng the forest at night to collect them. From one such night a nineteen-year-old boy doesn’t return, and he cannot be traced anywhere. Consequently, the villagers are gripped with the fear of an alleged group of people who are believed to be trained by the big hospital to kidnap the villagers for human organ transplant business. Meanwhile the church announces the arrival of the miraculous statue of Mary that carries a strong message, “there will be complete darkness lasting for 80 days”.

In the wake of these two impending fears the villagers frantically prepare themselves to tackle the kidnappers and face the apocalyptic darkness with prayers and repentance. But things get worse. Two more persons mysteriously disappear while kidnappers become more aggressive with nights. The fear of the villagers turns into frustration and anger. Finally when the villagers catch a stranger and enquire his purpose of visiting, something goes lost in translation. To vent their anger the villagers lynch the stranger. Through Kasan (male, 10) suffering from night blindness we witness all these unfolding events.



Rapture is born from my very own experience about fear of the darkness when I was suffering from night blindness. As a kid, I also experienced the fear of rumored child kidnappers stalking the village at night. There was nothing more fearful than the darkness for me then. Every night the villagers would take a turn to guard the village. One day, the villagers caught a stranger. The village elders enquired about the purpose of his visit. Unfortunately, the villagers couldn’t understand his language. He was severely beaten almost to death. This incident was justified and rationalized, and we were strongly warned to keep it to ourselves.

This left a very strong impression on me as a kid and sews the seed of difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’. With Rapture, I want to erase or at least blur the line between ‘them’ and ‘us’.

Rapture Still 4
Rapture Still 2
Rapture Still 1
Rapture Still 3


Dominic Sangma

Dominic Megam Sangma is a National Award Filmmaker from Meghalaya, graduated from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, India, specialized in Direction and Screenplay Writing. He worked in National Film and Development Corporation Ltd, for two years before he opened his own Production Company called ANNA FILMS. He also teaches Direction and Script Writing at Film and Television Institute, Itanagar, India as a guest faculty. He co-founded Kelvin Cinema Festival of Films and he is an Artistic Director of the festival. He was invited to Cannes Film festival with his feature film project Rapture in 2019. His first feature film MA•AMA became the first Garo film to won National Award. The film won Best Cinematography Award in 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival 2019. It also won Best Film in 14th International Film Festival of Thrissur. His second feature film Rapture became huge success in film festival, it was world premiere In Locarno Film Festival. It won Best Cultural Diversity award in Asian Pacific Screen Awards in Brisbane Australia. Won NETPAC Award in MAMI, Mumbai. Won Honourable Mention Award in Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. He was Juries for Indian Panorama, IFFI, Guwahati International Short Film and Documentary Film Festival; he was also in a Preview Committee for International Film Festival of India. He was selected in Berlinale talents 2020.

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