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Peralthinbol official poster

Momo the protagonist disbanded his vicious gang in pursuit of new life with Khikhi but got trapped in Hypnagogia. Nevertheless after a long quest he succeeded against all odd. 

Director -  Sng Pearson Anal
Duration - 173.15 minutes
Language -  Anal (Manipur)

Producer - Phantu Chapa Chala

Screenplay - Sng Pearson

Cinematography - Sng Pearson

Editing - Sng Pearson
Cast - Hb Ruwngthung, Ts. Bereky, Sng. Shemsing, 

Js. Shangniwar, St. Shelney



The life of Momo drastically changed the day he met Khikhi a beautiful and a God fearing woman. Momo abandoned the gang in pursuit of new life with Khikhi, but his life doesn’t go well with his former gang and the Mochung the Inspector. After his state of mental disorder he struggle so hard to reach Peral Thingbol (the tree of secrets) where all the past memories got buried. 



A lot of incidents and stories that I have came across throughout my life specially in my home town through which I got inspiration in making Peral Thingbol ( The Tree of Secrets). In the society we have good people, also bad people and they have their own unique stories to tell. This story is all about Momo a young man raised by a widow. Since life is not amicable for him he chooses to loot peoples wealth and indulged into intoxication. He drastically changed his life the moment he saw Khikhi, a young beautiful women. In life we all are compel to do what we want when something motivates and inspired on us. Momo after his returned from Army unfortunately trapped into the hand of Mochung the valiant later he became mad due to electrocution. In those days the police used to electrocute the prisoners for their punishment. Many people from my Disrtict some from my people experience this incident during 80s and 90s. And I got the idea to add some scene where Momo got electrocuted and became Mental disorder. Here is my question, does every disorder man has a unique story? Yes they do but most of them can’t communicate or convey a message due to their lack of conscious mind. In this film Momo was completely mental disorder he lost all his memory but something was in his mind that he can’t express or ask help which stuck deep into his mind. In order to unlock his conscious mind he must reach Peral Thingbol (The Tree of Secrets). In the whole movie he was struggling for the tree but in the end luck was upon him and he found The Tree of Secrets. 

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Peral Thingbol Still2
Peral Thingbol Still 1
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Pearson Anal

Sng. Pearson Anal

Pearson is a film Director, Screenwriter and a Producer belonging to Anaal Tribe Chandel district. Since his childhood he was very fascinated in making movie, in 2004 after completing his XII he produced one local horror movie called “ Alekaning” in Anaal dialect making him the youngest film maker in Manipur.  The movie was made out of his passion for film with zero knowledge of film making but still the local people praised his kind of film. He studied music in Patkai Christian College Nagaland and during his bachelors studies in Shillong he also completed   his Multimedia Diploma simultaneously  from reputed  Institution ARENA. After his Bachelor studies he did is masters in Cinema from Asian School of Media Studies under Punjab Technical University. During his studies he has specialized in Screen writing, Acting, Editing, Photography and Videography. He made a lot of promotional videos and short videos and couple of Documentaries film on Bhudist Marveric, Ladakh and Indian Army. After completing his Masters in Cinema he went back home and made his 2nd  feature film Peral Thingbol (Tree of Secrets) in Anaal which was well appreciated by the people of Chandel. During 2023  Tribal Film Festival in Tamenglong the film begs the Best Feature Film, Best Screen Play, Best Director, and Best Actor Jury Award. Apart from film Sng Pearson has made a number of Music Videos and helps in Media coverage within Chandel District. As of now he and his team had launched a new Film production House under the banner Kankhu Film & Entertainment Society (KFAES) which work hand in hand with Wildhen Studio Chandel. His latest movie DANGTERI Anaal horror movie is a super hit film among the Anals so far. Sng Pearson and his dedicated team works for  promoting the culture and development of Anal film and to produced better films for the community and the rest of the world. 


  1. Alekaning

  2. Peralthingbol

  3. Dangterii

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