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Nellier Kotha Poster

Director -  Parthajit Baruah

Duration - 102.41 minutes

Language -  Assamese

Producer - Parthajit Baruah

Screenplay - Parthajit Baruah

Cinematography - Sumon Dowerah

Editing - Hirak Jyoti Pathak

Sound - Debajit Gayan

Cast - Arghadeep Barua, Boishnabi Bora, Dhananjoy Debnath, Swagata Bharali, Sudarshan Nath, Royonti Rabha, Ramesh Borah, Logi Lakshya Saikia

Exploring the depths of human perception and societal memory, Rajiv Pator's quest to understand the Nellie massacre unveils the intertwined nature of truth and subjective narratives.



Rajiv Pator, a PhD candidate at Gauhati University, visits the Muslim dominated, remote villages of Nellie to look into the events leading up to the massacre of Muslims on February 18, 1983, also known as the Nellie massacre, the darkest chapter in the socio-political history of Assam. His objective is to discover the truth about what transpired. Does he miss the contemporary scenario of Nellie? Can Rajiv find out the root reason of the massacre?


In this film, I aim to explore the complexities of historical narratives, human memory, and the search for truth, as seen through the journey of Rajiv Pator in uncovering the untold story of the Nellie massacre.

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Parthajit Baruah is a filmmaker from Assam, north-east India. He made his  debut feature film with 'The Nellie Story' (2023). Earlier, he made documentaries and they were screened at many national and international film festivals. His father, the late Prasanna Kumar Baruah, founded the Sunlit Studio photography studio in 1967. Parthajit Baruah produces his films under the name of his family's now-defunct photography studio, “Sunlit Studio”, in honour of his late father.

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