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Makhonmani Mongsaba

Makhonmani Mongsaba

Shri Makhonmani Mongsaba is a distinguished academician, playwright, writer, and director, holding a Ph.D. in Literature. In performing arts, he has made a lasting impact in both film and stage acting. Collaborating with renowned theatre personality, Ratan Thiyam, he showcased his versatility as a stage actor. Apart from acting, he has successfully directed and produced various cinematic works, earning recognition at State and National levels.

As a notable figure in cinema, he served as a jury member for the National Film Award and IFFI on four occasions. His film "Chatledo Eidi" was selected for the 32nd International Film Festival of India, winning the prestigious National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Manipuri in 2000. His 2007 film, "Yenning Amadi Likla" was also selected for the 39th International Film Festival of India. In 2017, he received the Swarna Kamal Award at the 65th National Film Award for Best Book in cinema.

In literature, he is a recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Manipur State Kala Academy Award. Currently, he imparts his knowledge and passion at Manipur University of Culture and continues to contribute to the growth of regional cinema as a Board member of the Manipur State Film Development Society. Shri Makhonmani Mongsaba remains a valuable asset to the cultural landscape of Manipur throughout his illustrious career.

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