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Bearing lots of pain, we keep fighting against the harsh situation only for the happiness that is felt after achievement. Achievement is only an excuse to be happy.

Director -  Nava Kumar Nath
Duration - 75 minutes
Language -  Assamese

Producer - Nava Kumar Nath

Screenplay - Nava Kumar Nath

Cinematography - Spondon Nath

Editing - Hirak Jyoti Pathak

Sound - Debajit Gayan, Rukmajit Baruah

Cast - Namita Goswami, Hitu Adhikary



Unable to cope with her husband Mrinmoy's economic difficulties as they live in a rented house in the city, Neelima leaves him and returns to her maternal home in a village. This leaves her mother, elder brother and his wife in the ancestral home rather nonplussed.

Mrinmoy, a theater activist, now a lone creature, immerses himself in dramatic productions, an obvious fallout of his instinctive association with the theater.

Kuhipator Rang Still 1
Kuhipatore Rang Still 4
Kuhipatore Rang Still 3
Kuhipatore Rang Still 2


Nava Kumar Nath

Nava K Nath

Nava K Nath is an Indian director, producer, and screenwriter. After completing his bachelor of mass communication, he started his career as an independent film filmmaker in 2009. His 1st full length feature film is ‘Chaaknoiya’ produced in 2017 and 'Kuhipator Rang' is the 2nd full length feature film produced in 2023.

Filmography :

1. ‘Rengonee’ | Short Film | 2008 

2. ‘The System’ | Short Film | 2010 

3. ‘Aahaar’ | Short Film | 2011

4. ‘The Last Date’ | Short Film | 2013 

5. ‘The Chequered Land’ | Documentary | 2015

6. ‘Chaaknoiya’ | Feature Film | 2017 

7. ‘Kuhipator Rang’ | Feature Film | 2023

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