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Directors -  Romi Meitei
Duration - 86 minutes
Language -  Manipuri

Producer - Chingsubam Sheetal & Romi Meitei

Screenplay - Romi Meitei

Cinematography - K Bikram Singh, Johni Meitei

Editing - Johni Meitei

Sound - Debajit Gayan
Cast - Master Priyojit, Nganthoibi, Bhumeshwor, Sori Senjam, Bhanu Leima, Nupaton,

Rajen, Kunje, Brojen



Belonging to an isolated fishing community of the Loktak lake, Chaoren makes the best use of his exclusive existence by excelling in school. When the canoe he uses every day to attend school has to be sold off because of his father’s illness, his spirit is not dampened. He beats the long distance from his shanty floating hut to his school by swimming his way through. But when the Government issues an eviction notice demanding Chaoren’s family to leave their home, his dreams are left with an angst of a displaced person.



Globalisation cannot be interrupted by anyone and is renewing itself every day. For a developing nation like ours, this is necessary. But advancement and growth in the name of globalisation does rise a concern in our minds if this is harming mother nature and affecting our habitats? Development induced displacement has impacted many levels of community-based society like ours. The kittle and kin of displaced communities that once co-existed with nature for their livelihood are now faced with a big dilemma and left wandering like flocks of birds migrating for their survival and identities. The sight of this unstable livelihood is overwhelming and I, as a human, would wish that development of any kind would have the sensibility to protect the essence of communities like ours and coexist sustainably with natural habitats.


  • 69th National Film Awards, Best Manipuri Film, India

  • Best Director at Kazan International Muslim Festival, Russia

  • FIPRESCI Award for the Best International Film at 27IFFK, Kerala/India

  • Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Jury Special Mention at 27IFFK, Kerala/India

  • Audience Choice Award for the Best Narrative Feature at IMFF, Austin, USA

  • Winner Best Film (Live Sec.) at Imagine International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain

  • Best Cinematography Award at Yaroslav Film Festival, Russia

  • Best Feature Film at MSFA ‘22, Manipur/India

  • Best Director Award at Sailadhar Film Awards, Assam/India

  • Best Cinematography Award at Sailadhar Awards, Assam/India

  • Best Child Artiste Award at Sailadhar Awards, Assam/India

  • Best Art Director at MSFA ‘22 Manipur/India

  • Best Child Artiste at MSFA ‘22 Manipur/India

  • Best Editor at MSFA ‘22 Manipur/India

  • Best Sound Design at MSFA ‘22 Manipur/India




Romi Meitei

Romi Meitei is National Award-winning filmmaker whose films have been box-office hits. Besides notching up commercial success, his films have been screened at prestigious film festivals including IFFI, MAMI, MIFF, IFFK and others. He is the recipient of prestigious FIPRESCI and NETPAC awards. He has also received several Manipur State Film Awards. He is the Chairman of Mami Thawan Foundation which aims to render services for the welfare of Manipur.

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