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Ata Nirjon Duporiya

Director -  Khanjan Kishore Nath
Duration - 1 hr 42 minutes
Language -  Assamese

Producer - Sunumunu Baruah, Bhaskar Bhuyan

Screenplay - Suraj Duwarah, Khanjan Kishore Nath
Cinematography - Jaynath Sethu Mathavan

Editing - Rantu Chetia
Sound - Debajit Gayan
Editor - Rantu Chetia

Cast - Kausik Nath, Parvi Baruah, Dhanjay Debnath, Jitumoni Mahanta, Bijay Sankar Saikia

In a sexually starved society of a third world country, a young couple plans to spend some intimate moments together and tries to  book a hotel room for the same. And while doing so they become victim of taboo where the system exploits them.



Nayan and Aditi are in love. They deciding to spend some romantic time alone in Nayan’s friend’s room. But at the final moment, Nayan’s friend denies to provide the room. Nayan decides to book a hotel. But Aditi is afraid to go to hotel. They book a room through online website and goes to the hotel. Hotel denies giving them room. Each one has different issues.
During their search for a room, they meet a guy named Laden. He made a deal with them. Laden booked a room in his name and give it to them. S
uddenly Police came and starts interrogating them. Nayan and Aditi want to escape from the situation. Nayan starts negotiating with the two police man. The police agree to leave them only if Nayan gives them Rupees fifty thousand. Nayan goes to arrange the demanded money. But while returning, Nayan is caught by the traffic police as he is driving without license. On the other side, Aditi and the two police man are waiting for Nayan. The police man start blackmailing Aditi. They threaten her to call media and expose her. She tries to run away from them. But it turns to a terrible incident for her.



Indian small town has its own characteristics and color.The people and their perspective toward life always surprise me a lot. Intimacy between male and female is a very conservative substance in these towns. In my film, I am trying to reflect the brutality of sexually starved society of these small towns through a young couple. In the storyline, a young couple plans to spend some intimate moments together and while doing so they become victim of taboo where the system exploits them. The entire film happens during a single day in the backdrop of Saraswati Puja, a religious festival celebrated in educational institute. The narrative of the film tries to reflect the actual scenario of woman empowerment and safety in a brutal way in India.

Ata Nirjon Duporiya Still 1
Ata Nirjon Duporiya Poster 2
Ata Nirjon Duporiya Still 2


Khanjan Kishore Nath is a National Film Award winner filmmaker from India. He did his M.Phill in Mass Communication from Rajiv Gandhi University and film making from Zee Institute of Media arts, Mumbai. He has been making films since his college days. His first feature film “The Bicycle” (Chor) was selected for various film festivals till now. He is the recipient of Asia Pacific Script Lab 2019 for his script “Why the blue hill is crying”. He won national Film award for his film “The boy with a gun” in 2020. Besides these, he was the festival director of Nagaon International Short and Documentary Film Festival (India) and working as the head of Cinemalay, a film society based in Assam

Khanjan Director
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