About New Earth International Film Festival

This important platform for young and professional filmmakers, started officially in 2016, as a small project in Krakow City, NEIFF wanted to offer an extensive selection of screenings, workshops, and conferences that are free of charge for the audience, all of the connected with Environmental Issues.

We want to open the door for the audience to gain an awareness of contemporary threats to the natural environment.

The idea is to find various ways to start building the awareness of the damage caused to the environment, as well as to convey this awareness to children and young people.

Therefore, the festival artists can take up any topics related to environmental risks such as: deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, protection of endangered animal and plant species, climate change, depletion of natural resources, food waste, use of renewable energy global warming, solid waste, etc.

During the Festival, we will be showing films created by Polish artists, divided into six categories:

  • short fiction film
  • short animated film
  • short documentary film
  • fiction feature film
  • animated feature film
  • documentary feature film

The Festival audience will nominate films for special awards. From among the nominated productions, the festival jury will select the best ones of each category.

We plan to organize 5 days of themed conferences and film screenings to attract not only young people but also entire families. We have also planned a surprise for the viewers. As the Festival draws to its close, a special prize will be funded for the selected filmmaker, which will be awarded at the Closing Ceremony.


ALIVE TODAY Foundation

We are a non-profit organization based in Kraków whose goal is to support the reconstruction of our destroyed planet and to promote educational activities aimed at restoring the balance between humans and their natural environment. We find it necessary to raise the awareness of environmental problems, both in Poland and abroad.


KRS: 0000651571
REGON: 366073975
NIP: 6762518425

Bank Zachodni WBK
ALIVE TODAY Foundation, Krakow, Poland.

For transactions from abroad
the SWIFT (or BIC) Number is: WBKPPLPP


History of the Festival

Juan Walle participates since 2010 in Environmental Festivals, in 2015 realized an Environmental animation in Poland for México, looking that there’s no Environmental Film Festivals in Poland to submit his movies, decided to create this initiative, in 2016 finallly he has the confirmation to his Foundation (Alive Today) to create the first environmental Film Festival in Krakow, in 2017 was the campain for donations for the festival and the rests is history.

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